Baristas From 6 Singapore Cafes Spill The Beans On The Weirdest Customer Requests

On the one hand, this means you will never be disappointed by a shortage of options. On the other hand, this can also make it challenging to find the right drink for you! To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the best hot and cold Starbucks drinks that have absolutely blown us away. For these secret items, we will provide instructions on how to describe your order to your barista in case they are not familiar with the drink. In this pink Frapp there are actually no cherries. It tastes like warm milk with a relatively subtle coffee taste considering the fact that it actually contains a couple of shots of espresso. This drink is smooth, tasty and definitely a perfect option for a rainy day! Although your barista is hopefully familiar with the recipe, you may need to give him or her a quick reminder of how to make it. Just ask for a White Mocha Hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup and vanilla syrup 1 pump of each syrup for tall, 2 pumps of each syrup for grande, and 3 pumps of each syrup for venti.

Starbucks Barista Claims She Thought Latino Customer Said His Name Was Beaner When He Said Peter

One way to ensure we keep these resolutions is by making gradual progress rather than overnight changes. For me, this means better choices when it comes to what I sip and snack on at Starbucks. Having been a green-aproned barista for close to eight years and now a VegNews editor , I can help any compassionate customer turn his or her everyday order into something tastier and healthier!

Here are my recommendations. Smoothies Starbucks rolled out its line of Evolution Fresh smoothies in , which combines cold-pressed juice and ice for a nutritious blended drink.

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Insects are popular orders, apparently. Ms Chang, 48, said she had drawn various bugs, from cockroaches and mosquitoes, to scorpions and spiders. When business is good, she could draw 40 cups of these customised coffee, each taking her up to 15 minutes. Last month, pictures of Ms Chang’s ‘cockroach cappuccino’ became viral on Facebook , gathering more than 10, comments and 43, shares. The year-old woman also draws pets for her customers, from cats and dogs to turtles Creative barista: Ms Chang has owned My Cofi for six years.

She had a street stall before that The post also came with a video, which appeared to show the creative barista making the drink. The video has brought more customers to her store who hoped to order a cup of insect coffee. Ms Chang started drawing pets for her customer onto coffee after trying to do it out of curiosity. Above, she made a special cup right based on a picture provided left Too beautiful to drink: Ms Chang tries to take a picture of every art work she has created.

When business is good, she could draw 40 cups of these customised 3D coffee Ms Chang can also draw the image of her customer’s pet on their coffee – no matter it’s a dog, cat, turtle or toad.

Washington man, 37, protesting his ban from Starbucks after hitting on teenage barista

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Thanks for A2A. There is a very famous saying on Quora-‘this too shall pass’. In your context, give yourself a few days and see if you are still inclined towards that barista.

Coffee roaster and writer. We need to help customers understand that not only should great coffee be worth more money, but that without the willingness to pay higher prices, the crop could disappear altogether in the face of global challenges to the climate and labor market. I understand why we sometimes want to pin the blame for bad service on baristas. The entire industry needs baristas as a sales force on the ground at every cafe, engaging professionally with their product and customers and showcasing why specialty coffee is worth the money.

Instead of focusing on baristas as the problem, we need to look at the structural issues that lead to baristas not always having the necessary tools to create a positive experience for every single customer. Since those issues are structural, we need to try to resolve them on a structural level. Many customers want to be greeted with a smile and asked how they are, and give a genuine answer.

Some want to be taught about the menu options and come out having learned something. Some want the service and menu in a specialty shop to mimic the style they receive in their favorite corporate cafe. Many want a pleasant but anonymous, minimal interaction. The solution is to create an actual defined expectation with clear, specific, written guidelines for what good service means in your cafe, and more importantly, what it does not mean.

This will help create a clear, consistent standard for employees which will translate to their customers, and this clarity of expectation will also reduce fatigue and help baristas deliver more consistently. These guidelines should not include things like policing employee facial expressions, but should instead be focused on a clear standard for when a customer is asking for more than they are entitled to.

These guidelines are not meant to restrict barista actions, but to draw lines for what customers can expect.

The Livejournal Baristas Community

Comments Many of us love coffee. Like the plethora of delicious grub you can find in Singapore, coffee variations are aplenty. Regardless of how crazy or ridiculous our requests are, baristas usually rise up to the challenge and do their best to fulfill them.

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Email What is it about baristas that make them so damn attractive? That intensity that sweeps over their faces when they pour the perfect latte art? This makes them people-loving, patient individuals—meaning that you can rest assured that they will treat you right AND get along with all your friends! Would YOU tamp that? These orders come at them verbally, often very quickly, and in rapid succession—which trains them to retain and process information amazingly well!

A barista will always remember your birthday, your anniversary, and that 3pm hairdressing appointment you casually mentioned last week. Yeah girl, bean there, done that! A word of warning, though: Which brings me to the next point: Baristas are CRAZY passionate about their jobs Like anybody that works in the food and beverage industry, baristas are subjected to the same long hours, hard work and low wages.

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Good customer service skills don’t always come naturally, but here are some customer service tips from a barista that translate to any business.

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Shifts to be discussed based on applicant’s student schedules and requirements as long as they meet the minimum of four hours. Original Birth Certificate with Photocopy Valid School ID Principal’s Letter of Approval some schools don’t like their students working openly this is required Report Card with grades of 85 and above as proof applicants are responsible with their school performances. Graduates can work full-time if they wish.

His patrons naturally asked him about his hiring ad in his newspaper. Especially for College Students studying Culinaries and giving them a taste of what its like when they graduate thus gaining training and experience if only as bakers and baristas and of course, dishwashing and not breaking anything.

Jul 14,  · A barista and I were hitting it off and we were going to get together after she got off tonight. Just wast sure if Sbux has a policy against their employees hanging out .

Coffee The Best Life Aniruddha Barapatre I got to know Americano 3 months back when I said the exact same words as you have mentioned here…She recommended me this and that day onwards I have never looked back… TallEnglishman I switched from lattes a year to Americano. Half the price of a latte, and tastes much better! Would that make it a diluted Caffe Breve?

AD I have customers ask for room for cream and have me steam the half and half instead of adding it in cold. It makes a bit of a difference, taste wise. I ask for a tall Americano, with a quarter inch of steamed breve. The breve changes the flavor, and by having it steamed the drink stays hotter longer. I used to bartend at an Italian restaurant and would make them before I even knew what they were called.

Americano has been my drink for a few years now. Iced in the summer. I prefer cold drinks, so I like to have my coffee iced. Used mine this morning to make one. Americanos are a great cup of coffee. I basically make an Americano every morning with my AeroPress, unless the wife is on the sauce in which case we go to the french press.

STARBUCKS Bans Customer for Asking Barista on Date – DAMAGE REPORT

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