Epoxy vs. Self-Etching Primer for Painting Bare Metal

Please check your parameters. And be sure the WordPress server can access the Drupal database. If Drupal and WordPress are not installed on the same host: Another solution is to copy the Drupal database on the WordPress database: I get this error when testing the connection: It will continue where it stopped. See the increase memory limit procedure. The media are not imported Check the URL field that you filled in the plugin settings. It must be your Drupal home page URL and must start with http:

15+ Best Drupal Social Networking Modules

You will hear all kinds of technical facts, personal experiences as well as flat out unsubstantiated opinion. But after the smoke finally clears the fact remains that both types of primers will give you successful results — if used correctly. Mixing products to save a few bucks will most likely cause adhesion problems — no matter which bare metal primer you choose.

Self-Etching Primer An etching primer uses an acid to chemically clean and micro-etch the metal surface for a better mechanical bite to promote adhesion with the layer of high-build primer to follow while also providing a layer of corrosion resistance on the metal.

The question of WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal has been the focus of many online discussions. In the CMS comparison debate, each camp is usually convinced that their choice is the best.

Live chatting with anonymous users Have a look at the My Live Chat module. Some details about it from its project page: This module adds the necessary script to the footer of ones site for prompting users to chat via My Live Chat. My LiveChat is a fast, high performance and most user-friendly live chat solution. My LiveChat allows you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors’ web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

Free version is also available. To see it at work in a real Commerce Kickstart website, head over to this website. Modules to facilitate messaging between users DrupalChat The DrupalChat module allows visitors of your Drupal site to chat with each other privately or together in a public chatroom. Some more details about this module from its project page: Also, it is useful for social networking sites, forums, blogs, etc.

It logs the user conversations so that they can be later viewed in message inbox. Privatemsg The Privatemsg module allows your site’s visitors to send private messages to each other. Perfect for community oriented sites, such as forums and social networking sites. Many additional features are available as separate modules.

Speed up a Drupal web site by enabling CSS file aggregation

How to use the Agenda module to display Google Calendar events on your Drupal site Posted on Drupal This tutorial will show you how to configure the Agenda module to display Google Calendar events on your Drupal site. This module reads both private and public calendars and creates any number of blocks that can show events from multiple calendars. Installation The first step in setting this thing up is similar to any module:

That can happen when supporting libraries (dlls or ocxs) are not registered properly or the versions of the installed libraries are different (and incompatible) with the version the app was compiled against originally.

According to Wikipedia , they describe a CMS as follows: It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material HTML documents and their associated images. A CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions. So take a moment and look over the list below of the 12 best free cms options available. Some might seem really familiar we love wordpress and some others might be new to you.

They all deserve your attention for a few minutes. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. Although the two applications still share a family resemblance, Frog is charting its own development path. Zero restrictions and fast to build. Registered user systems and a killer community.

Welcome to web-building nirvana. It gives an endless list of awesome features and is definitely worth checking out.

Epoxy vs. Self-Etching Primer for Painting Bare Metal

After installing the module, click “Modules” from the Drupal dashboard, and be sure to enable MailChimp and all of its dependencies. Once the module is enabled, save the settings on the “Modules” page and then go to the “Configure” option. From there, choose “MailChimp” from the “Web Services” area. Add your API key in the field, and save the configuration to continue. Adding New Users to MailChimp One of this module’s features is the ability to automatically add new visitors to your site to a MailChimp list.

To set up a new instance of this feature, from the MailChimp options, click “Lists and Users.

Welcome to the Moodle community and discover the value of an open, collaborative effort by one of the largest open-source teams in the world.

If you’re using Drupal, chances are you’re not getting any of this traffic. Amazingly, the mistake has been there for years, and very few people seem to know about it. Take a look at this excerpt from the default Drupal robots. Can you spot the problem? And, by default, Drupal is blocking every search engine from looking inside your “sites” directory. In other words, your images aren’t getting indexed! If you’ve got a Drupal site with images you want other people to find, this is a serious problem.

I discovered this by accident last week, when I noticed none of the images on my Photoshop Text Effects site were getting indexed by Google. To illustrate just how common this problem is, let’s take a quick look at Dries Buytaert’s blog. Dries is, of course, the creator of Drupal, but he’s also a very good photographer. In fact, Dries has uploaded thousands of photos to his blog, including hundreds of pictures from DrupalCon and dozens of insightful graphs and charts.

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It also includes a wide set of blocks, views, docs, modules and features packaged with an easy 5 steps installation via the “Next, next This theme was built containing a lot of SEO best practices. Headlines are where they should be h1, h2, h3, h4, etc. Verified buyers get the guarantee of having a solid support service for getting out of troubles and issues during the product usage and setup.

TYPO3 is a free enterprise-class CMS based on PHP. It combines open source code with reliability and true scalability. This is the official project website.

By Christina Warren and Nir Goldshlager Nir Goldshlager , a security researcher from Salesforce. The vulnerability uses a well-known XML Quadratic Blowup Attack — and when executed, it can take down an entire website or server almost instantly. This is a big deal because WordPress and Drupal are used by millions of websites. It affects Drupal versions 6.

The good news is that both WordPress and Drupal have released patches for their applications. Users and web hosts simply need to upgrade to the latest version to protect against the vulnerability. When the vulnerability is exploited, the results can basically render a website or web server unusable. In other words, your website and web server can become totally inaccessible.

This type of attack is similar to a Billion Laughs attack , which can allow a very small XML document to totally disrupt the services on machine in a matter of seconds. The Quadratic Blowup Attack is similar; however, instead of using nested entities inside an XML document, it just repeats one large entity with tens of thousands of characters over and over again. With this type of attack, an XML document that might be a few hundred kilobytes in size can end up requiring hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes of memory.

That will easily bring down an entire website or web server.

Furnicom – Furniture Store WordPress Theme

Presently this works for migrating to Drupal 5 so if you want a Drupal 6 site first migrate to Drupal 5 and then upgrade the site to Drupal 6. There are a couple of different ways of approaching this task. In the distant past I’ve worked with wp2drupal. Those experiences are a distant enough memory that I can’t speak to it one way or another. It does seem that it has been a while since that module was upgraded.

This landscaping services WordPress theme will be perfect for any kind of exterior design business. Improve your online presence and help your business grow!

So, are you really want to get to know which CMS is the most ideal solution for you? Are you sure that WordPress and Drupal are the top options for your requirements? So, this article will describe some comparison points between WordPress vs Drupal. And may you get the idea which one you shall choose. If you need a website for your business, the answer will be conditional on the realm of your business. You will spend money to buy plugins or extensions for your websites. But if you are a PHP web developer, you might want to develop your own website.

Perhaps free plugins and templates are enough for you to expand your website with features. Or you probably want a simple blog to publish articles, videos, or images by which will not require cost instead of the web hosting plan. Of course, Drupal is for serious businesses which require experienced web programmer or designer. So, you will most likely pay a web designer or developer to work on your Drupal site to get what you want.

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