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Views and clues inside Detroit’s party scene Credit: Reich, event coordinator for the Detroit area Lock and Key events, will try to prove you wrong. Attendees will attempt to match the locks and keys. For every match you make, you will be entered to win a raffle prize which include cash, manicures, candles, comedy passes and complimentary admission to future Lock and Key events. We hope that in the future this can happen in Detroit too. Guests will mingle until 9: The event will include free appetizers until 10 p. For more information, visit www. Just be sure to leave room for it to find you.

‘Third Front is like a parking lot’

He was married for 10 years and has been divorced for about 2. His ex still gives him a hard time, but he says that he has moved on. He has custody of one child and she the other.

During winter, the temperatures drop, snow accumulates and both sidewalks and parking lots become icy. These factors combined increase slip and fall risks, but when an injury happens in a parking lot, determining responsibility isn’t always clear.

Falling and Multiple Sclerosis Patients My wife fell this past week. When she fell, I was in an airplane between Phoenix and Dallas headed for a connecting flight on my way home from the last session of the Faith-based Leadership Institute. She fell in a parking lot, scratched the tip of her nose and banged up her chin. She scraped both hands catching herself. That one required stitches above her eye and she broke a finger.

There are several reasons she and other MS patients fall. In fact, issues with walking are among the most common MS symptoms. First, many people with MS have difficulty walking or maintaining their sense of balance. Vertigo is often related to slow sensory input, inner ear problems or brainstem damage. This loss of motor skills called ataxia and it is a well-documented consequence of Multiple Sclerosis.

Related to falling, an MS patient who experiences vestibular ataxia will find it difficult to walk normally unless she can visually monitor her walking movements.

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The paved surface was built right to the sidewalk edge with no separation, allowing cars to pull right up over the sidewalk to access parking spaces. The lot was recently repaved as part of the Embassy Suites conversion at the corner of Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali, and this curb jumping issue has been corrected by adding a landscaped buffer between the sidewalk and the lot. A new problem emerges, however, as an access ramp to the underground parking at the Embassy Suites cuts right through the middle of the lot, seemingly cementing its future as an underutilized flat lot for decades to come by bisecting the small lot and making it difficult to build something there in the future.

In the spirit of Tactical Urbanism , however, I have always thought the parking lot could be used in the interim as a feed truck and food cart venue.

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What is an overlay? How do I know what I need and how much can I expect to pay? These are all excellent questions. Having the right answers can help you make informed, empowered decisions regarding you pavement. What is resurfacing and what is reconstruction? Pavement resurfacing also known as an overlay, asphalt overlay or pavement overlay is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement.

This new layer is generally 1. Pavement reconstruction is the process of installing both the subgrade asphalt layer as well as the top pavement overlay layer. When should a parking lot or driveway be resurfaced? When the surface has become heavily oxidized but the base also known as subgrade remains in stable condition.

Woman, 46, DIES in dentist parking lot after getting 16 teeth pulled

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The crack sealer application costs Repairing damaged areas And of course… their profit. Mobilization Most contractors will factor in a mobilization fee which is the amount of money it costs just to get the equipment and crew to a job site. Obviously the bigger the job, the more the mobilization costs are spread out. The smaller the job, the less the mobilization cost are spread out. This is a big factor in what can make smaller jobs more cost per square foot than larger jobs.

A little parking lot will take much less cleaning and preparation than a big parking lot, that goes without saying. But what if the little parking lot is filthy dirty, the edges are all overgrown and it just takes a lot of cleaning? The cleaning aspect is different for every job and the most important aspect to a good seal coating job is how clean the surface of the asphalt is. The cleaner it is the better the sealer will stick. Some parking lots have very little cracks and some have a lot of cracks.

Some parking lots the cracks are clean but very deep and need a backer installed in them. Some are full of dirt and weeds and take time to clean.

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If your GPS is a little off, the app lets you adjust the marker to fix the exact parking position. Car Finder AR If you’re truly lost, use this app’s innovative augmented reality and 3D maps to find your vehicle. If needed, you can even share the location with friends to let them know where you’ve parked. Limited-functionality demo version also available for free.

For iOS, try similar app. This app can automatically save your car’s location when you park, by using Bluetooth Smart technology iPhone 5 or 4S required.

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After more than five years of debate in the neighborhood, the parish and archdiocese have decided to use the space for parking. Lally and the others who opposed turning the school into more homes for the rich wanted it to become a charter school, or, failing that, housing for the elderly. Instead, it will become a parking lot. There is no better example of the current state of the quality of life in Southie today than the fact that tearing down a school to make way for a parking lot is considered something of a victory.

It was just a school. For many, it was a circle of life. You got baptized at the church. You met lifelong friends at the school. You got married at the church. You baptized your kids at the church and sent your kids to the school. And you got buried out of the church. Advertisement Lally is philosophical about it all. He would have preferred the latter, but at least they got the former. Gate of Heaven School closed in , in the middle of the condo-building boom that transformed Southie from a neighborhood of many three-deckers housing families that had lived there for generations to one of many two-bedroom apartments and condominiums occupied by newcomers.

Surface parking lots hurt more than they help

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A Motel parking lot would seem like a dream compared to the pits at Riverhead Raceway, which was not paved in The dirt was powdery and loose in the Riverhead pits. Come off the clutch hard, and the rear tires would dig in up to the axle.

Next Coworker waited in parking lot and followed me in car for quite a few miles Was he trying to do something? Is this in my head? I work at this grocery store and this guy came back working for the summer but I started after he left. We stare at each other a lot during our shifts, increasingly more and more. His shift ends at 7. Mine does too but I have to do Mine does too but I have to do inventory so I get out at 7: Yesterday he left the store at 7.

I got out at 7: I got in my car, and got to a stop light which is just right out the store, like literally there is no where behind the light but our store so anyone behind me is coming from the store. He pulled up behind me at the light, and came behind me in the turning lane. Which means he stayed in the parking lot for 15 minutes and left right when I did. Then for about 7 minutes and 2 more lights and a roundabout he followed me but he kept car lengths between us, and I purposely drove under the speed limit.

Guilty verdict in Pompano Beach parking lot manslaughter trial

Protect yourself and your car by following your gut — and these tips Photo: Be prepared Shop during daylight hours when possible. Leave flashy jewelry, your expensive handbag and other high-end accessories at home. Park as near to entrance as you can. Choose a well-lit spot.

The Please Touch Museum has a surface parking lot, too. But unlike the Barnes, it’s not located in the heart of the city, close to transit and existing garages.

The anonymous Ballad of Bosworth Field says that “in Newarke laid was hee, that many a one might looke on him” —almost certainly a reference to the collegiate Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady of the Newarke , [4] a Lancastrian foundation on the outskirts of medieval Leicester. In , ten years after the burial, Henry VII paid for a marble and alabaster monument to mark Richard’s grave.

The site of the friary was sold to two Lincolnshire property speculators and was later acquired by Robert Herrick, the Mayor of Leicester and eventual uncle of the poet Robert Herrick. The Lord Mayor Herrick built a mansion close to Friary Lane, on a site now buried under the modern Grey Friars Street, and turned the rest of the land into gardens. The antiquary Christopher Wren father of Christopher Wren the architect recorded that Herrick erected a monument on the site of the grave in the form of a stone pillar three feet 1 m high carved with the words, “Here lies the Body of Richard III, Some Time King of England.

If Speed had been to Herrick’s property he would surely have seen the commemorative pillar and gardens, but instead he reported that the site was “overgrown with nettles and weeds” [17] and there was no trace of Richard’s grave. The map of Leicester drawn by Speed incorrectly shows Greyfriars where the former Blackfriars was, suggesting that he had looked for the grave in the wrong place.

A coffin certainly seems to have existed; John Evelyn recorded it on a visit in , and Celia Fiennes wrote in that she had seen “a piece of his tombstone [sic] he lay in, which was cut out in exact form for his body to lie in; it remains to be seen at ye Greyhound [Inn] in Leicester but is partly broken. Although the coffin’s location is no longer known, its description does not match the style of late 15th-century coffins, and it is unlikely to have had any connection with Richard.

Renovate your Parking Lot with Striping in Riverside CA

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7 days ago · These Photos Show What It’s Like To Live In A Walmart Parking Lot After Fleeing A Wildfire. After being displaced by the Camp fire in Northern California, almost a thousand people have set up makeshift housing in a Walmart parking lot.

Manatee County The sight of a half-naked man thrusting into a woman against a parked truck in a Florida parking lot gave cops “reasonable suspicion” that sex was happening. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office busted the fornicating duo, April Newcomb, 42, and Brandon Tinyes, 20, with their pants down after they were caught doing it in front of people who were going in and out of Bradenton pub Beef ‘O’Brady’s, according to a police report.

Advertisement Witnesses saw Newcomb performing oral sex on her partner and when deputies got to the parking lot at about 6 p. In her defense, Newcomb told deputies she and Tinyes “were friends and having sex. Newcomb was arrested in on child abuse charges after a video showed the mother cheering on her daughter in a fight. WTSP This is the second publicized incident for Newcomb, who was arrested on child abuse charges in after a video showed the mother cheering on her teen daughter fighting another girl over a boy.

In the video, Newcomb screams at her daughter to not “f stop” and “punch her in the f body.

11 Responsibilities for Parking Lot Greeters

While it is common for cemeteries to have parking lots, you might think it unlikely that the reverse would happen. However, there are a surprising number of graveyards in parking lots across North America 1. One of the most notorious examples is the grave of Mary Ellis in New Jersey. This small plot was purchased in the early 19th century by Ellis, who faithfully watched the nearby river every day for years, hoping for the return of her seafaring husband.

Now surrounded by a large movie theatre parking lot, it is threatened by further construction plans, though the site owner has pledged to relocate the grave nearer the river if development goes ahead.

Because even though someone has seal coated the parking lot 99 times out of you can still see the old parking lot striping = lines and parking lot stencils. Learn the procedure for this type of parking lot striping and why striping “over seal” is such a great market.

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Tom Segura: Completely Normal – The First 48

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