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QuickBeat is super easy to use and a great practice tool. Imagine jammin’ at 2am. Could you get a drummer friend over at 2 am? Could you get away with having live drums at 2am where you live? With QuickBeat, any time is a good time to groove with drums! Regular, expensive drum machines are great for programming drum parts for recording, but wonder if you’re just a guitarist that wants to jam?

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Buy Now Hooktheory I Hooktheory I is an intuitive, modern take on music theory that answers the questions you care the most about: Why do certain chords fit together easily, and others not so easily? How can I get from this chord to that chord? How can I create a great melody? There has never been a music book like this. Hooktheory I is a smart, fun, skill-building journey that concretely teaches you how to craft melodies and chord progressions like professional musicians and gain a deeper understanding and intuition for how music works.

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The band was a critical success, but failed to produce a commercial hit until the release of the single “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in April of After Curtis committed suicide in May, the song peaked at 13 on the UK charts. In the aftermath of Curtis’ death, the remaining members of Joy Division went on to form New Order, with Sumner taking over vocals.

Sep 09,  · These are speakers that are typically on the floor and angled up toward the performers, offering a dedicated mix, which allows the musicians to hear themselves on stage. Feedback can become a problem, so the use of graphic EQs will be needed to remove the frequencies that are feeding s:

Or create live visuals to accompany a dancer? Or create an interactive art installation that reacts to the movements or actions of an audience? If so, take this course! In this course, students will learn fundamental machine learning techniques that can be used to make sense of human gesture, musical audio, and other real-time data. The focus will be on learning about algorithms, software tools, and best practices that can be immediately employed in creating new real-time systems in the arts.

Specific topics of discussion include: And what is it good for? Classification This session will cover fundamentals, how to use Wekinator for classification, and an introduction to classification algorithms: Regression In this session we will discuss the fundamentals of regression, using Wekinator for regression, and neural networks for more complex types of models.

Dynamic Time Warping In this session you will learn what dynamic time warping is and what it’s useful for, as well as how to use Wekinator for dynamic time warping. Wrap Up This session will provide a wrap up for the course, and will discuss practical tools, books, and resources students can access for furthering their work in this field.

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When he was three years old, in , his parents divorced. Because of his stepfather’s work, he spent part of his childhood in Jamaica before returning to Salford, [2] where he attended Salford Grammar School. The band continued until they first broke up in

Oct 02,  · SME (on behalf of RCA Records); UBEM, Abramus Digital, PEDL, ASCAP, BMG Rights Management, EMI Music Publishing, CMRRA, Warner Chappell, SOLAR Music Rights Management, and 14 Music Rights.

Using the KORG synth’s touchpad is highly intuitive: Horizontal motions control the pitch, while the vertical axis can control tone parameters such as cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. This makes it easy for anyone to create entirely original sounds and musical phrases. The touchpad synth’s versatile array of pro-level sounds includes synths, drums, FX, and other instruments.

These sounds complement all styles of electronic and dance music including: The KORG synthesizer also has numerous acoustic instruments such as piano, trumpet, and guitar that provide a further boost to your expressive resources. You can assign your favorite programs to 8 Program Memory buttons for instant recall, ensuring that your live performances will sound smooth. Extensively enhanced drum sounds: Rhythm can be the most important element when creating a phrase.

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The low notes sounded terrible, so instead, he worked his way up the fretboard. Few musicians have more of a signature sound, or personality, than Peter Hook. He was one of the founding members of Joy Division , pioneers of the post-punk genre.

The Hook Up The Hook Up. This self titled album is the first by the band The Hook Up. It features a more alternative sound from the band.

The AHERO organization provides camaraderie through outdoor activities in efforts to facilitate mental health and wellness among our nations Veterans. This trip is made possible by the generous efforts of local boat captains who offer their time, talents, and vessels to give these Veterans an experience that will create lifelong memories. Friday morning, a cannon signaled the launch of the armada as the boats pulled away from the dock in front of Quietwater Beach Boardwalk.

Following brunch was a delicious fish fry later in the day hosted by the Elks Lodge on Pensacola Beach. Entertainment and good times were had at the Sandshaker later that evening. More aquatic fun was had throughout Saturday, giving one particular Veteran a very special experience. Riley has proven his dedication to enhancing the lives of injured Veterans across the country; he was the first Coast Guardsman to receive this award.

To add to his list of service and accomplishments, Riley was just named the new national commander for the DAV nonprofit. He is the first Coast Guardsman to serve with this title. Crediting much of his recovery and success to the DAV, Riley was able to find independence and adrenaline through his participation in the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic. It was during this experience of flying down the slope on a custom-fitted ski that he found the ability to tap into the excitement and rush that he had been missing since medically retiring from the Coast Guard.

Among the excitement of big game hunting, deep sea fishing, and fancy banquets, these Veterans are able to find comfort knowing that they are not alone. Through sharing stories, slaps on the back, laughter, tears, and silent acknowledgment, these men and women are able to heal from the visible and invisible wounds of war.

At every event, Pensacola showed immense gratitude and courtesy to our Veterans.

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Tangled Hook Hand is first seen glaring at Rapunzel and Flynn while sporting his hook as they enter the pub. When Vladimir reveals that Flynn is a wanted man, Hook Hand decides to turn him into the guards for the reward money, and orders Greno to find them. The thugs fight over Flynn, and eventually hold him steady as Hook Hand prepares to knock the thief unconscious.

Rapunzel physically assaults Hook Hand to stop this, before pleading for Flynn’s freedom so that he can help her experience her dream.

Bands To Musicians Hook Up October 4 · good morning all music posts for musicians needed etc are popping up from somewhere all over FB i apologize – i do not know why are suddenly popping up now – thank you so much – Robin McAtee.

Ms Lim said she was one of 10, people who witnessed the killing of 11 musicians after they were accused of making a pornographic film. The Pyongyang defector risked her life by making the revelations but did so to expose sensitive information about the leader. This picture form inside the secretive state shows the brutality at North Korean prison camps Ms Lim said she was one of 10, people who witnessed the killing of 11 musicians after they were accused of making a pornographic film. They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns.

There were around 10, people ordered to watch that day and I was standing feet from these victims. The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere. Trump began his remarks at the United Nations with a brash statement of U. Its main diplomat walked out as Trump arrived. And for the imprisonment, torture, killing and oppression of countless more.

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Clear Lacquer Trombones Trombones seem straight forward, and they are if you are after a student horn. A King trombone with solid nickel outer slides is the way to go: Red rot, or dezincification, is the chemical reaction between the saliva and brass.

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He proposed that his label, Capitol Records, open a micro label for him under their umbrella, which would have been beneficial for all involved. He’d have more artistic freedom and they’d get to continue basking in his awesomeness. When Capitol said no, Sinatra went ahead anyway and started his own independent label , named Reprise Records.

Reprise Records It’s safe to assume that it included blackjack, hookers, or possibly both. Over the following years, Ol’ Blue Eyes would coincidentally double-release his own competing albums, clearly in order to cheat Capitol out of revenue. The Reprise version still beat Capitol in the charts. Capitol Records, Reprise Records Possibly because only one version looks like a sexual invitation.

There were no title shenanigans this time, but only because Sinatra was beyond the point of giving a shit — he crapped out the Capitol album in about two hours. As a result, it’s littered with imperfect arrangements, hurried endings, and several audio splices — like the noticeably severe one in the last chorus of “These Foolish Things ,” which might not even be Sinatra singing it.

By the time someone in the studio had mustered up the courage to tell the Chairman of the Board he had screwed up a line, Sinatra had already ripped up the music sheet , making it very clear to everyone involved that, except for his career, there were no such things as second chances. We are talking about Frank Sinatra here; him going half-speed is still enough to make every ’50s housewife ring-a-ding-ding without the aid of a faulty washing machine.

Universal Studios The world will actually end before anybody obsesses over them. After a slew of legal struggles, Eldritch decided to make good on his contract

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Musicians The Harlem Chamber Players is a collective of musicians. These are just some of the musicians who have performed in our series, and we continue to build our roster of the finest players available in New York. The Duo has recorded the Rachmaninoff and Shostakovich Sonatas and continues to perform recitals regularly. McCall, having studied with one of the premier chamber musicians, Bernard Greenhouse, is very fond of chamber music and has performed national tours with the Alexandria Quintet and the Omega Ensemble.

Powerful music joined with compelling hooks and lyrical density that is The Hook Up. Though the Appleton-based group is only a trio, Harry and Nick share the lead vocal duties. This gives rise to a unique dynamic that showcases each of their styles, while maintaining the musical continuity of the band.

As internationally working record label, we are seeking artists solo and groups for label roster consideration. Evolve was founded in as a predecessor label of Arcadia Moon, founded back in As a an roster artist we provide free, professional in-house audio mastering and maintain connections to top-notch audio engineers, along with promotion from a broad audience to the worlds biggest DJ’s and networks in the world, as well as tips and tricks for audio production, mastering, mixdown, social media, music publishing and more.

I’m the final decision maker Deal Structure: Does your music have what it takes? Do you want your music in a major movie with a worldwide release? Additional music will also be featured in a bar, shops, a restaurant, a hotel, numerous taxi rides, a nightclub, multiple cars and in various landmarks in New York and London. At the end of the day, if a track blows us away, no matter the genre, then we will make sure the Music Supervisor on this production personally takes a listen too.

All co-writers or master owners will be required to sign our agreement as well. If you bought or licensed tracks from a producer you will need to supply us with a copy of the contract defining your rights of use. You will need to supply kbps mp3s of the full song and instrumental tracks. We look forward to hearing your music. Washington Street Publishing is an entertainment company with a focus on music in media. We are committed to finding the perfect song for each artist, film, TV or commercial project.

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is the highest rated and largest musicians wanted and musician classifieds online! With thousands of musicians in your area, you have thousands of opportunities to connect. More.

Print Article AA They perform in the shadows. Whether you know their names or not, you hear them on the radio every day. They are music’s hired guns, the studio players and touring musicians who toil anonymously behind pop and rock’s biggest names. Now, with a new documentary — called, naturally, Hired Gun — many of these unknown soldiers are finally getting their due. The film will be screened in multiple theaters nationally — including more than a dozen in the L.

Related Stories Inside the Strange, Hidden World of Offstage Touring Musicians A hired gun can back up some of the biggest artists in the biz, tour the world and establish his reputation as a hot-shit musician. But there are also considerable downsides — such as the pay, which can often be minuscule, and the fact that you can be as disposable as toilet paper. Hired Gun is the brainchild of Fran Strine, who was a videographer for many years.

It was while he was on the road with Five Finger Death Punch that he came up with the idea of making a documentary. On a bus traveling through Singapore, Hook and Strine batted ideas back and forth.

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